Podcast Roundup: Nov. 23, 2019

Podcast Roundup presents comics-oriented podcasts either produced locally to Portland, OR, or which feature local comics folks! Click the links below to listen to the episodes online, or subscribe where you regularly listen to podcasts!

Here’s your weekly Podcast Roundup for Nov. 23, 2019:

Geek in the City Issue #524: Capes and Bidets

The crew goes into a deep-dive discussion about the upcoming DC Crisis tv crossover, and discuss the merits of a potential 4th Kelvin-verse Star Trek movie.

Listen to Episode 524 Here


Jay & Miles Xplain the Xmen #273: The Back-End Creep (The Phalanx Covenant, Part 3 of 3)

Jay and Miles give a recap of The Phalanx Covenant thus far, and go on to cover Wolverine #85 and Cable #16.

Listen to the episode here.


If you have a podcast you’d like added to our weekly Podcast Roundup, or you recently appeared on a podcast that we missed, drop us a line and let us know! See you next week!