Podcast Roundup Jan 25 2020

Podcast Roundup: Jan 25, 2020

Podcast Roundup presents comics-oriented podcasts either produced locally to Portland, OR, or which feature local comics folks! Click the links below to listen to the episodes online, or subscribe where you regularly listen to podcasts!

Here’s your weekly Podcast Roundup for Jan. 25, 2020:

Process Party, Episode 86

Zack and Mike kick off 2020 with a bang, as they are joined by Tom Kaczynski to discuss the iconic run of Silver Surfer comics published by Marvel beginning in the late 80s (and the comics market that surrounded it)

Listen to The Episode Here.

Homepage: http://studygroupcomics.com/main/pod/

Marvel by the Month: December 1964

Marvel by the Month rounds out 1964 with the first appearances of The Leader, Attuma, and Matador!

Listen to The Episode Here.

Homepage: https://marvelbythemonth.com/

Geek in the City Issue #532 – Picard Primer

The Geek in the City gang gets ready for the premiere episode of Star Trek: Picard, and chat about Netflix phenom The Witcher.

Listen to Episode 532 Here

Homepage: http://geekinthecity.com/

Jay & Miles Xplain the Xmen #281: Memories

This episode covers X-Force 40-42, and also your favorite roller-skates-and-disco musical about diesel trains doin’ it, Starlight Express!

Listen to episode 281 here.

Episode: https://www.xplainthexmen.com/2020/01/281-memories/

Homepage: https://www.xplainthexmen.com/

If you have a podcast you’d like added to our weekly Podcast Roundup, or you recently appeared on a podcast that we missed, drop us a line and let us know! See you next week!