Podcast Roundup February 15 2020

Podcast Roundup: Feb. 15, 2020

Podcast Roundup presents comics-oriented podcasts either produced locally to Portland, OR, or which feature local comics folks! Click the links below to listen to the episodes online, and subscribe where you regularly listen to podcasts!

Here’s your weekly Podcast Roundup for Feb. 15, 2020:

Marvel By The Month Podcast

Marvel by the Month: Happy Valentine’s Day! (w/Sara Miller Stratton and Barb Allen)

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so to celebrate, we did the most romantic thing we could think of: We opened a bottle of pinot noir, laid out a box of fancy chocolates, and lured our wives into the studio to talk at them about 1960’s Marvel Comics!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://marvelbythemonth.com/

Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men podcast

Jay & Miles X-plain the X-men #284: Precious Baubles, feat. Chip Zdarsky

Jay and Miles are joined by writer Chip Zdarsky to talk ‘crossovers, continuity, metaphors, and X-Men/Fantastic Four’!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://www.xplainthexmen.com/

Geek in the City Radio podcast

Geek in the City Issue #535: Trekker

This week the crew sits down with Ron Randall to talk about his latest ongoing Trekker Kickstarter! After that, they discuss the first few episodes of Star Trek: Picard.

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: http://geekinthecity.com/

Spoiler Country Podcast Ron Randall February 2020

Spoiler Country: Ron Randall

This week, get a fantastic double-dose of local artist Ron Randall talking about his comics, his career, and his Kickstarter!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://scpod.net/category/podcast/spoilercountry/

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