Podcast Playlist June 6, 2020

Podcast Playlist: June 6, 2020

Podcast Playlist presents comics-oriented podcasts either produced locally to Portland, OR, or which feature local comics folks! Click the links below to listen to the episodes online, and subscribe where you regularly listen to podcasts!

Here’s your weekly Podcast Playlist for June 6, 2020:

Geek in the City Radio podcast

Geek in the City Issue #551: We Talk

Denise and Aaron are joined by local MC and founding member of The Preytorians Sean Wynn to explore the immediate topics of race and resistance.

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: http://geekinthecity.com/

Jay and Miles Xplain the X-men Podcast

Jay & Miles X-plain the X-Men #296 – Hard Choices

Jay & Miles return to their regularly-scheduled episodes and continue down the line by covering Amazing X-Men -5. Topics include The Brotherhood of Mutants, the Best Quicksilver, Lone Nanny and Cub, and what it means to be X-Men, among others. 

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://www.xplainthexmen.com/

Off-Panel with David Harper Podcast

Off-Panel, Episode 257 – The Energy with Brian Michael Bendis

Eisner award-winning author and architect of the Marvel Ultimate line Brian Michael Bendis makes his debut appearance on the Off-Panel podcast this week! Brian and David sit down to talk about Brian’s career in comics, from his extended tenure at Marvel and his experiences with various artists, to his uncertainty in writing superhero stories and being open to change and new ideas.

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://sktchd.libsyn.com/podcast

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