Podcast Playlist, August 22, 2020

Podcast Playlist: Aug. 22, 2020

Podcast Playlist presents comics-oriented podcasts either produced locally to Portland, OR, or which feature local comics folks! Click the links below to listen to the episodes online, and subscribe where you regularly listen to podcasts!

Here’s your weekly Podcast Playlist for Aug. 22, 2020:

Culture Chat with Mimi Chan podcast

Culture Chat with Mimi Chan, Episode #181: Greg Rucka on What it Means to be an American

In this episode, Greg joins Mimi to discuss the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidential ticket and their hopes for the future.

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://www.culturechatpodcast.com/pop-culture/

Geek in the City Radio podcast

Geek in the City Issue #562: This Needs a Title

This week the gang leans into their collective sleeplessness with listener questions, and a discussion about Star Trek: Lower Decks episode 2!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: http://geekinthecity.com/

Jay and Miles Xplain the X-men Podcast

Jay & Miles X-plain the X-Men #304: Explosive Ops

In which Jay discovers a continuity loop (!) Topics include X-Force #45-47, phonetic spelling, a suit of many pouches, Warpath’s hair, and an Unlikely Friendship!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://www.xplainthexmen.com/

Marvel By The Month Podcast

Marvel by the Month: Bonus Episode w/David Currie: “Ditko Shrugged”

This week David Currie joins the MbtM crew to talk about his upcoming book Ditko Shrugged: The Uncompromising Life of the Artist-Creator of Spider-Man and the Rise of Marvel Comics, due out in October 2020 from Hermes Press.

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://marvelbythemonth.com/

Unpacking the Power of Power Pack logo

Unpacking the Power of Power Pack, Episode 63: Jon Bogdanove

This week, Jeff and Rick are honored with a visit from the one and only Jon Bogdanove, artist on more than a dozen of Power Pack’s key issues!

Listen to the Episode here.

Homepage: https://jeffandrickpresent.podbean.com/

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